Yard Guard Box Kennel
  • Eliminate the need for tie-outs or chains!
  • Promotes a healthier, happier pet and provides you and your pet a breath of fresh air.
  • All-steel fittings and tie wires hold up to the harshest elements.
  • Heavy duty galvanized chain link will protect your pet from harm.
  • 1” extended leg under kennel for easy cleaning and air circulation.
  • Tubing is 100% galvanized “After Welding” to deter rust. Welded safety square corner design will hold up for years of use.
  • Double Lock latch mechanism for your pet's safety.
  • Kennel Cover Included!

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Yard Guard Box Kennel
  - LD-CL61099
Includes Cover
Price: $599.99 Sale Price: $559.99     

The Yard Guard Box Kennel
comes with a Kennel Cover!

Product Highlights:

Designed as the highest quality, complete outdoor protection kennel packaged in a retail box. The Yard Guard Boxed Kennel offers all of the same qualities as the Grand Champion but features a uni-body chain link perimeter system, a quick connect kennel frame, and a steel frame mounted roof structure complete with a solid all weather fabric protective material cover making this kennel the ultimate in outdoor protection.

Each Yard Guard Box Kennel is constructed from:

- 100% commercial grade galvanized steel frame –featuring quick connect frame components.
- Galvanized heavy-duty uni-body chain link wire mesh perimeter.

Each Yard Guard Box Kennel is rust free and protected by:

- After galv – A process in which the complete panel is galvanized after being welded.

Each Boxed Kennel provides maximum security, safety and reliability by:

- Using all steel fittings and wire ties (No Aluminum) to better secure against escape and better prevent unwanted entry from dangerous wild animals or stray dogs.
- 1” extended base leg for easy clean-up and maintenance. Helps to prevent bacteria build-up.
- Weather Guard kennel roof system – 100% galvanized roof mounted frame, quick connect fittings, all weather U.V. treated protective material, and tie downs.

Size Available:

10’L x 5’W x 7’H

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