Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates are great for their portability and ability to be used outside. If you have a rambunctious puppy that you want to take to a park, a Soft Dog Crate is the best way to keep them contained. It allows them to enjoy the fresh air and sun while keeping them safe and sound. We are always lowering our prices on our Soft Dog Crates, making them affordable and convenient to buy.

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The Day Tripper Soft Dog Crate a less
expensive version of the Canine Camper
that is great for warmer weather.
Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3!
Simply Pop-Up & Zip.
No tools required.
This Soft Dog Crate is easily broken down &
assembly takes seconds. Use it anywhere with
confidence that your pet is safe & contained.
Perfect for carrying your pet friend to
any place, as it is very light weight.

A Little About Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates are safe, secure and keep you at peace of mind when outdoors. They are also great for traveling to relatives homes and want to keep your puppy from getting into their things. All of our Soft Dog Crate are made from durable cloth that resists rips, tears and punctures. Some Soft Dog Crate we feature even have roll-up doors to allow your dog to come and go as it pleases. If you have a well-behaved puppy but just want to make sure it has a place to rest while in the warm weather. You can keep dog toys and other things for your dog to play with in the crate to keep them preoccupied and out of trouble.

We have have Soft Dog Crates for big dogs not just puppies. These sturdy soft dog crates can stand up to even the biggest and heaviest dogs. We also carry PlayPens for puppies, giving them a play area while keeping them safe. Most use soft dog crates as temporary homes for their pets on long trips. You can fold up a soft dog crate and take it to a relatives or on a vacation, allowing you to setup your pets designated area with ease.

If your unsure of which Soft Dog Crate will suit your needs, give us a call! Our knowledgeable customer service team knows pets and what would be the best option for you. Simply call us at with any questions you may have! We will make sure you get the perfect soft dog crate delivered to your door at the best price.

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