Folding Dog Crates

Folding Dog Crates are great for if you need to save on space during the day but still need a place to keep that tiring friend of yours at night. They are easily cleaned and collapse in minutes. They feature sturdy plastic pans for any messes your dog makes throughout the night to be cleaned up in the morning with ease. We carry various sizes, brands and types that are sure to please anyone!

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Up and Away door conveniently
slides and stows overhead.
The most affordable dog crate
around. Easily Sets Up & Down
to a Portable Size.
Having two doors provides two
positions to place the crate.
Not only do these crates fold for
convenience, but fit in most SUVs.
Comes with a free divider panel so
that you can expand the interior of
the crate as your dog grows.
Two doors allows you to position
the crate in two ways with access.
Three Doors allow you the greatest
access to the interior of the crate.
The Up and Away Door and the MAXLock door in a single great crate.

A Little About Folding Dog Crates

Being the most common form of Dog Crates today, Folding Dog Crates are the most affordable as well. Depending on the size you need they range in price but are always affordable. They are normally coated with a protective paint to keep your dog safe as well as prevent any form of rust or corrosion that may normally occur. The black paint also gives an elegant and slick look to match any homes decor. You can even paint the metal wire to match your homes decor to your choosing, just make sure to use paint that is safe around pets.

All of our Folding Dog Crates come in various forms, including Single, Double and Triple Door models. The Single door models allow for one entrance point and are great for placing against walls. Double Door Folding Dog Crates are great for use in corners allowing two access points for your dog to enter it. Triple Door Folding Dog Crates are to be used more for smaller dogs where you want to divide the crate into two to house both of your dogs.

We offer Folding Dog Crates to fit just about any size dog. Whether you have a Shitzu or a Labrador, you can be sure to find the right size crate through us! We make sure to offer the widest variety in crate sizes to make sure you get what you need. You don't want your furry friend crammed into a tight space making it uncomfortable with little room to move. Make sure you get them a Folding Dog Crate that they can stretch out slightly in our turn around in fully if need be.

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