Dog Pens

Dog Pens are the "open" version of a dog crate, giving your the dog the sense of being in an open area. They are great to use outdoors when at a picnic or just a day at the park. They are built from durable steel or soft nylon material built to withstand the most abused from any dog. They are ideal for puppies or keeping your dog contained without confining them to a tiny cage.

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When not in use all of the exercise
pens fold flat for easy storage.
If you are going to set the exercise pen
in your home consider the Gold Series.
Sets up quickly.
Washable and easy to clean.

    A Little About Dog Pens

    Our standard dog pens are made from steel wire, coated to prevent any forms of corrosion as well as safety. It is impossible to cut yourself on the wire due to its coating and rounded off edges. You and your dog will both be safe when handling or being in the pen. We offer different coat colors including Black and Gold.

    We offer Puppy Playpens designed just for smaller dogs that are rambunctious. Their nylon material is tearing and rip resistant, so even the sharpest puppy claws will have a hard time ripping through the material. They also allow your puppy to lie down and sleep or play with its favorite toy. The soft Puppy Playpens are great for traveling or being on the go. They store easily and can be setup in a matter of minutes. They also feature transparent mesh so you can see your puppy at all times from any angle. This makes keeping an eye on your troublemaker a breeze when relaxing outside!

    If your unsure of which dog pen will best suit your needs, give us a call! Our friendly customer service staff knows. Simply call us with any questions you may have and we will make sure you get the perfect product delivered to your door for the lowest price.

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