Dog Crates

Dog Crates are the best way to keep your furry friend contained while your out, at night or when you have company over! Every single one of our Dog Crates are built to last using quality steel, plastic or wicker and can withstand the harshness punishment from any size dog. We have the lowest prices on Dog Crates around and offer Free Shipping on just about every one. We only sell Brand-New, in the box Dog Crates. Unlike other pet stores we do not repackage returned crates and sell them at full price, you get what comes directly from the manufacturer.

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Perfect when visiting relatives or
are running to a business meeting &
need to take your furry friend along.
Folding Dog Crates are a great choice
for transporting pets as they can be
folded away for easy storage.
Drop Pin Dog Crates are ideal for dog owners
who want to set up a sturdy home for their pet,
but does not need to move it around a lot.
Soft Dog Crates are the newest trend
in dog comfort. Soft Dog Crates are
sturdy and easy to transport.
Wicker Dog Crates are the ultimate
combination of craftsmanship, style, and
comfort for a great home for your dog.
Whether you are raising a litter of puppies
or just want to provide a lot of space for
one puppy, Dog Pens are a great solution.
Dog Kennels are a great, affordable, and
easy way to keep your dog safe in your
yard, while allowing plenty of space.
Crate Covers, Dollies, and Replacement
Parts can all be found in here. Give your
dog the best home with these accessories.
Designer Dog Crates are the perfect accent
for any home. Designed to blend in with
the surrounding furniture and decor.

A Little About Dog Crates

No matter what your needs are, purchasing a Dog Crate is a great decision. If you have a new puppy and need to teach them obedience you can do so utilizing a Dog Crate. Confine them overnight to teach them where their area is or when they do something bad put them inside their crate. It teaches your pet to stay off furniture and that when it does something wrong it should go straight to its crate. Potty training your dog has never been easier as well. Once you get your dog used to the idea that it's crate is it's home, it won't relieve itself indoors. Dogs will not dirty their own designated sleeping area keeping them from going inside the house period.

When it comes down to it a Dog Crate is the most utilized tool when it comes to dog. It serves as their home, time-out room and their go to place when they want to hide. It helps keep them out of trouble at night by securing them in their crate, keeping them from chewing on furniture or ripping things apart.

You can also spruce up your Dog Crate with our extensive line of Accessories for them. We offer covers, dollys and mats to keep your dog that much more comfortable. We have the best prices when it comes to Dog Crates and are always lowering them to keep more money in your pocket. We know how much you love your dog, but you don't want to spend a fortune on them. We keep Dog Crates affordable and simple! We also carry the top-brand names such as Midwest and PetGear! No matter which type of Dog Crate your looking for whether its Metal, Plastic or Portable, we have it at the lowest price!

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