Casual Cratewear - Burgundy

  • Dog Crate Covers consists of 3 items: Crate covers, mattresses, and bumpers.
  • All components are durable and Fully Machine Washable.
  • Veterinarian approved & trainer recommended.
  • Prevents crate sores.
  • Prevents permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on metal.

3 Piece Set Includes:
Dog Crate Cover, Dog Bed, and Bumper.

To be sure that you are ordering the correct size, be sure that you have measured your crate's length from front to back.

Casual Cratewear-Burgundy-24"
  - PD37301
Price: $59.99 Sale Price: $42.99     

Casual Cratewear-Burgundy-30"
  - PD37302
Price: $64.99 Sale Price: $44.99     

Casual Cratewear-Burgundy-36"
  - PD37303
Price: $79.99 Sale Price: $56.99     

Casual Cratewear-Burgundy-42"
  - PD37304
Price: $84.99 Sale Price: $66.99     

Dog Crate Covers are a key piece to providing true comfort and protection for your pet, from numerous crate related injuries. Perfect for protecting wagging tails from painful injuries against metal bars! Prevents permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on metal. Helps prevent collar strangulation by collars and tags caught between bars. Prevents crate sores and entrapped paws. Provides safe conditions, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in veterinarian bills.

Dogs love the comfort that only Dog Crate Covers provides. The bumper is filled with allergy free and mildew resistant poly fiber, and it's machine washable. Thick durable padded sides provides comfort for dogs. Featuring Velcro for easy-on and easy-off Decorative Cover. Provides natural and relaxing den-like security atmosphere and helps to reduce barking. Makes the crate attractive in your home and the mattress is reversible.

  • Makes Your Crate Attractive.
  • Provides the Comfort Your Pet Deserves.
  • Keeps Your Dog Safe.
  • Completely Machine Washable.
  • Great Value.
  • Free crate training brochure included.

Crate Not Included. Click here for Dog Crates

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