Buying Tips for Dog Crates

Not all dog crates are the same, which is why we have a list of suggestions to help get exactly what you need. Before deciding on a dog crate, dog owners must refer to these dog crate buying tips first to ensure a smart purchases.

Types of Dog Crates

    Collapsible Wire Mesh

  • Easy to transport
  • Maximum ventilation
  • are able to see wide portions of surroundings

    Drop Pin Style Wire Crates

  • secured together with a “drop-pin” in each of the 4 corners
  • easy to set up
  • can be tough to clean

    The Wooden Crates

  • Stylish that will compliment any home décor
  • Not for outdoor use

    Soft Crates

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

Size of The Crate

When choosing the size of the crate, the space inside should be wide enough for your pet to get up, stretch, and be able to turn around freely. There are crate sizes for every type of dog. For instance, crates of puppies, small dogs, medium sized dogs, and large dogs. If you are unsure of the appropriate size, go for the next size up, a crate divider can always be bought if the crate is too big.

Other Features

Different crates come with different features. Below is a list of possible features you might want to consider:

  • Easy to clean plastic pan for pet’s hygiene
  • Bright zinc and electro coat finishes for wire mesh crates to prevent rusting
  • Some crates have Bag for toys and treats
  • Divider panel

Travel Crates

Travel safe crates have all the necessary features to assure your pet is safe when traveling.Some of these features include but not limited to:

  • Proper air circulation
  • Proper door latch
  • Proper size

*Note: Not all crates are airline approved! Check for the sticker that states the crate has air approval before buying.

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